We will introduce the causes and solutions

This article was updated on april 12, 2022 from “the top page has been deleted from the index!?” if your website is not found by google, it will not appear in search results. It is not enough just to be discovered; it is only when your site is We will introduce indexed that it becomes eligible for evaluation . This time, we will tell you about possible problems and solutions regarding such “Indexes”! There is also a document that explains the problem of not being indexed and how to resolve it . Please also take a look. >> [free download] How to solve the “not indexed” problem table of contents what is an index? Causes and remedies for index problems index confirmation items (checklist) summary what is an index? To explain indexing, I will explain how google creates search results.

I will also first explain how to check and apply

How crawling and indexing work google Australia WhatsApp Number Data creates search results using the steps below. 1. Google visits sites all over the world using a program called a crawler 2. Stores the data of visited pages (in an organized manner) in a database 3. Selects and displays pages that match the search word (query) from the database this second one is the index. Pages that are not indexed will not appear in search results. Not only will it not improve your ranking, but it will not be displayed in search results, so it is a “Prerequisite”. How to apply for index indexing is basically automatic . However, there are ways to prompt google to index your site. The details are not explained here, but there are two methods below.

Apply for index with google search console create and upload

WhatsApp Number List

Be careful if you see the message “No matching Arabia WhatsApp Number information found” as shown below. There may be some problem with the index. *images are searched using non-existent urls for explanation purposes. If it is not indexed, it will not appear in search results. It is clear that this has a huge impact on seo. The following sections explain the main causes and solutions. If you are having trouble with the index, please refer to it. Causes and remedies for index problems there are two possible index problems: “not indexed” and “index deleted.” We will explain the main causes and remedies for each. Causes and remedies for “not indexed” the main reason why your site is not indexed is due to “Crawl settings” or “Site structure.

Top 10 most followed Germans, Czechs and Slovaks on Instagram

Instagram a popular platform for international self-presentation via the Internet. We see great potential in the German market, so in this article. I will compare what type of Instagram accounts Germans like, as opposed to Slovaks and Czechs. Top 10 most followed  who is part of the top 10 most watched Germans, Czechs and Slovaks on this visual platform? Top 10 German Instagrammers If you want to make it big on. Instagram in Germany, become a professional, world-renowned soccer player! The first place in the number of followers was occupied by the German FC Real Madrid player. Toni  with almost 16 million followers, immediately followed by the . Player from the football club Arsenal FC Mesut.

Bastian Schweinsteiger, Manuel

Mario Götze, Marc Ter  and Marco Reus also kicked their fans on Instagram with a soccer ball. It is enough for them to regularly add photos from the Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data playground or from their personal life, and half a million hearts are in the world. Top 10 most followed Toni  also promotes his own foundation “toni.kr8s_stiftung” on Instagram, but on Instagram fans give him hearts more for his football achievements. After all, German soccer players are world famous, so they can target a wider audience than locally known celebrities. Laughing at us from third place are Lisa and Lena with 12 and a half million followers, and they are definitely not a soccer duo. Good news for all those who want to become an Instagrammer in Germany and have only been watching football matches all their lives.

They know how to dance in sync and catchy

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They are constantly in Sweden Phone Number List touch with their .Top 10 most followed  audience and maintain a uniform style. These 16-year-old teenagers with cute braces on a white smile. Proof that you can build a career on the social network at thirteen, even without a voice like Beyoncé. They have released their own single, own a clothing brand and travel around the world. In tenth place with 5.5 million fans is Bianca  with her profile  . The beauty who became famous for her videos on the social network . YouTube, where she started with topics such as fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle.

9 conferences in Germany you shouldn’t miss

This year, too, we have prepared a list of conferences in Germany that you should not miss. If you want to expand your knowledge of SEO, PPC, social media and other online marketing areas, you should pack your bags and 9 conferences in  attend these conferences with an emphasis. On online and content marketing.   Topic, web design, online marketing. UX design voice assistants, digital analytics.   Two days of workshops. Digital market professionals will give more than90 lectures on .  The topics of web design. Online marketing, user ‘s experience marketing, business innovations and audio assistance. SEO Day is one of the largest SEO conferences outside of Berlin and Munich.

The workshops will focus on web

Optimization, the Alexa system or the creation of flexible and interactive design. Online Marketing  Summit . Where: Berlin.  “Early birds” Mexico WhatsApp Number Data tickets are sold out. Watch the website for regular ticket information Topic: SEO gurus advise how to succeed . How to avoid failure. A magnificent summit, which will be , attended 9 conferences in  by a large part of German SEO gurus . The one-day conference with a final afterparty has as its main topic .”The cause of failure in digital marketing”. Current topics and trends in the affiliate industry And to make it not easy, on the same day as SEO Day, an affiliate conference organized by the well-known online marketing agency expose360 is prepared for you in Munich.

Other special guests include Pam Nelly

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Marketers in the world by Forbes magazine. A huge advantage of  conference is that Sweden Phone Number List  lectures are held on one stage . There is no overlap between them.  Internet World Congress  to succeed in online business .The motto “Handel   true in the world of digitization.  The practice of online business. SEO Day is one of the largest SEO conferences outside of . Berlin and Munich, you can look. Forward to more than45 SEO specialists.

What does the internet know about you?

In recent months, personal data protection has become a hot topic. After the leak of personal data from Facebook, the company launched a special page that allows you to check whether you too are in the hands of Cambridge Analytica. In addition to this site, there are many other interesting sub-sites that allow you to find out what the Internet knows about you. Cambridge Analytica record Using the Facebook application, this agency obtained data on more than 85 million users. Based on this data, she compiled comprehensive documentation that served to effectively target the political campaign.

In early April, Mark Zuckerberg

Testified before the US Congress, where he apologized to users for the stolen data. The company has created a page where anyone can check whether Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data or not their data has been used by  Cambridge Analytica. List of advertising preferences Based on your actions, Facebook creates a detailed map of preferences. The company can use this information to target advertising. For example, if you’ve recently looked at photos of clothes, Facebook will add “dress” or “t-shirt” to your interests. You can see the entire list of your interests on this page .

If you feel that some items

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Are definitely not among your interests, do not hesitate to delete them from the list. Third parties Some websites, programs and apps require access to your Facebook account. The Spain Phone Number List entire list of such sites and applications can be viewed here . It’s worth noting here that even apps that have already been removed from your device can access your data. Google really knows everything If you can’t remember where or where you drove last month on Thursday the 20th, Google will be happy to remind you – and even show you. This is because it stores data on the movement of its users in its maps, which you can see on this page . The company claims that this data is available only to you. You will only see this data if you have “Location Sharing” turned on.

Copywriter burnout: What to do with it and how to prevent it

In the world of copywriters, beauty alternates with splendor. Every day you feel literally bursting with ideas, your writing flows naturally, and your clients are beaming with enthusiasm for your genius. Or not? The profession of copywriter is considered a dream job . Budding writers are bursting with passion for writing anything, and happy to have reached their dream job, they write and pitch texts day and night. And they eagerly nod to more and more tasks. Some out of enthusiasm, others to make ends meet, because in view of the prices of I will do it, they have no choice but to churn out  like trainers. And without realizing it, they rush straight to the gates of hell in all their splendor.

You are merrily hopping along

The path between the golden grain ropes, it is a beautiful day, there is not a cloud in , the birds Kuwait WhatsApp Number Data are singing, the sun is shining, the poppies among the grain are turning optimistically red, and because your thoughts are flying like larks and you are not paying attention to the road, you do not even notice that it’s getting dark and you’ve reached the trees, when you suddenly realize that you’ve found yourself in a really scary forest, you don’t even know how.

It’s dark everywhere, shadows,

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You can’t see the sky through the huge branches above your head and you have no idea how to get out of there, so you wander and it gets worse and worse in that gloomy environment Singapore Phone Number and you can’t find a path out into the sun. And so you despair, you don’t know where to go next, you don’t enjoy it and you wish you were somewhere completely different. In addition to constant writing, chasing deadlines and diligently hunting for ideas, burnout suddenly came for you. How is it possible? After all, all the time you were just doing what you enjoyed! And what now? Admitting you’re not superman hurts. Especially if burnout happens to you just after a period in which you shone on the work side.

12 browser extensions that you will simply love

Browser add-ons are great helpers that make your work and internet surfing more pleasant and efficient. What do we use at. Get inspired by the list of the best tools that you’re sure to love. Extension tips are primarily for Chrome. Let’s take a look at them. 1. 1Password Internet security is talked about every day. Admit it – how many of the same passwords do you use and how complex are they? Or have you gone the more sophisticated route and have a notebook where you write down your passwords so you can remember them all? Nonsense. If you want to keep all your accounts safe, start using 1Password.

In Password, set one really hard password

Add all your accounts that require password login. It can be social networks, but also banking or e-mail. You never have to remember unique  passwords because Laos WhatsApp Number Data Password generates them for you . It’s a simple way to keep your data really safe. 2. Grammarly Not 12 browser extensions  everyone can boast of the English of a native speaker. But don’t worry, Grammarly will give you a helping hand. The tool will be used not only by copywriters writing in English, but also by everyone else who needs to check the correctness of the English text .

Grammarly can check for grammatical errors

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While explaining and correcting them in context. 3. Google Translator Another great addition for those who still struggle with English. What is the added value? You do not need to Saudi Arabia Phone Number List open a special 12 browser extensions  window into which you copy the text. You simply highlight the part you need to translate and click on the Google Translator icon. The text will be translated into Slovak for you directly on the page . Whether you need to skim a few words, a paragraph or, for example, an entire web page, believe that the translator will make your work much easier in a few seconds.

14 Types of Content People Love

Content is king, but what should you create for your type of business? Videos, blog articles, interviews, memes. Do you know what type of content customers can’t stand? We won’t bore you for long. Let’s take a look at the 14 most successful types of content that people simply love! 1. Blog A blog is one of the best types of content you can create. Not only does running a company blog have a positive impact on SEO , which will lead to increased organic traffic to your website, but it can also replace otherwise very expensive marketing campaigns. You ask how? The blog belongs to the so-called tools inbound marketing. With this form of marketing, you “attract” your  customers through valuable content that they themselves are looking for.

And you don’t have to spend

Even a crown. Of course, this is a bit “understated”, even creating content costs something – you need to have time, ideas and resources Korea WhatsApp Number Data  to implement them . What questions do you need to ask yourself before starting a business blog? If you want to use a blog as a content marketing tool for your business, you need to start with a strategy. At a minimum, it is necessary to define the goal of running a blog, determine the target group, the focus of the blog and determine what topics you want to cover . What are the biggest benefits of blogging? Increase in organic traffic to your website through keywords. Natural support for the communication of your products. Building strong relationships with customers.

Personalization of your brand

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Getting content on your social networks. Building a reputation as an expert in the field. Increase in conversions . Getting backlinks. Improved positions for long-tail terms. Supporting Russia Phone Number List discussions . 2. Interviews People seek information from professionals and authorities in the field. They are interested in the so-called “success stories”, but they also like to learn from failures. Also, don’t forget that Slovaks literally swallow behind-the-scenes gossip and privacy. In the online world, you can conduct an interview in several possible ways: Interview in the form of a live stream on social networks. Interview in the form of an article on a blog/website. Interview in the form of a video reportage . Tip: Read the interview with the founder of the  agency, Jaroslav .

Content First 2018: Content is king, but you have to learn to rule it

The phrase that has been tossed around a hundred times in the marketing waters that content is king still holds true. Shiny social networks, perfectly targeted advertising campaigns or flawlessly set PPC campaign, all this is useless to you, unless you learn to rule this content. We learned a few techniques for this at the Content First conference in Prague. Long gone are the days when only what you fill your website or blog with was considered content. Today, the demand for quality content is everywhere , from social networks to native advertising to newsletters, which was also confirmed by this year of Content First.

There were many lectures

And their thematic dispersion was considerable – from managing the social networks of the city of Prague to legal aspects of advertising. Let’s Japan WhatsApp Number Data take a closer look at the individual inputs. The morning block of lectures was particularly attractive to those who came to Content First for content on social networks. During the lunch break, I talked with several people and we agreed on one thing – the lectures of Michelle   and Zuzana were definitely interesting. How to replace money? Well, the content Michelle  started the entire Content First program with a bang. The budget for Prague’s official social networks dropped by , you have a few people at your disposal and you create content not only for locals, but especially for the millions of tourists who visit the capital every year.

What about that? According to Michaela

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It is important to realize a few facts and build on them. What kind? The first fact – nobody cares about you. In this case, it means that people do not Philippine Phone Number solve the social networks of Prague, but Prague. The second fact – it is necessary to take care of people, not your social profiles. It works? Probably yes, as evidenced by the numbers – an increase in engagement on Facebook Twitter and Instagram .

Marketing fortnight for the German market

Trustworthiness, legal purity, quality product/service or respect for marketing differences on the German market. Do you want to know what is really vital for Germans? We have prepared fourteen points for you, without which you will not succeed in online business in Germany. Pay attention to credibility . Reliability is the alpha and omega of success on the German market. The German customer is largely conservative and it is necessary to convince him that there is no danger in buying from you. A good idea is to appear as a German company. If this is not possible, we recommend a large number of certificates or reviews from other users.

Flawless German on the web

Is a matter of course. Maintain absolute legal purity. There is an exhausting competition in Germany. The competition does not even hesitate to Italy WhatsApp Number Data use even the most powerful weapons in the fight, namely legal means. Always be on the lookout to see if you meet all the requirements imposed .Marketing fortnight by the German legal order! Build a strong brand . A strong brand always has a very positive effect on the user. In the German environment, a strong brand also means higher credibility. Therefore, devote a lot of effort to brand building. We are sure that you will stand out among such market players as Amazon.de, Otto.de or Zalando.de.

Use natural German without mistakes

Your paragraph text

Even a single mistake can discourage a native German. Invest in the creation of quality and flawless content. It simply won’t work in Germany New Zealand Phone Number List without a native speaker. Try to focus on something other than the price . Anyone who wants to buy cheap in Germany goes to Amazon. Never try to be interested in price in Germany, in the B2C or B2B segment, whether with products or services. Marketing fortnight  Germans expect high added value – high-quality customer service, simple web interface, trust. Offer different types of payments . The principle of the importance of different payment methods applies especially to e-shops. Did you know that Germans prefer PayPal and invoice payment? Not? If you offer Germans the same payment conditions as in Slovakia, you will definitely not succeed. We also wrote about payment methods in our previous articles on the German market. Show off various certificates .

17 tips to get through the cucumber season and create great content

If you are engaged in the creation of textual content, you certainly know the situation when you sit down at the keyboard full of enthusiasm and suddenly find that you do not know what to write about. Creating good content on a regular basis is not easy. Sometimes the topic is literally overcrowded – there are events, there is a lot of news in the field that you can write about, or you have enough texts in stock. However, from time to time a strange situation arises, when you feel that you have already written about everything important, and you don’t know where to go next.

What about that? Finding good topics

Can sometimes be like the proverbial needle in a haystack. Today, almost every agency or e-shop has some form of blog or consultancy. Especially Israel Whatsapp Number Data narrow and very specifically focused websites can have a problem with topics. The maximum possible level of imagination is required from the copywriter, which is necessary for discovering new and interesting topics. We bring you 17 tips to keep your blog fresh and stimulating. 1. Split content creation between multiple people More heads, more sense, that’s clear. If you have a person delegated to create content in your company or agency, or you are even that person yourself, do not hesitate to divide this duty among several team members .

Everyone is an expert in their

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Field and they are more likely to think of highly specific topics that a novice or someone outside the field would have no idea about. However, of Mexico Phone Number List course, leave the final form and final check to the copywriter. 2. Create series and multi-part posts Do you have a comprehensive topic on your table that is so informative. Full of unique tips and original insights that .You don’t know from which side to start? Try to chop it into smaller parts . Advantages?

Itinerary of a copywriter Boarding! We are going

Do your texts reach clients exactly on time like a shinkansen, or do their clients wait in vain like Slovak trains during a lockout? If you stick to this timetable, you will be ahead of the Japanese in terms of punctuality! It might surprise you, but even such a creative activity as copywriting needs its own order. It’s nice to wait for the arrival of the muse with immoral proposals, but she can be more late than the trains of the Slovak Railway Company. And neither the boss nor the client will be interested. I therefore propose for myself.

Don’t procrastinate You read the article

Look into the discussion and check Facebook, and immediately you have a time ax and you are stressed. Nothing like this. Turn off all notifications Iraq WhatsApp Number Data from social networks on your computer and phone, and make a resolution not to stick your nose out of Word before completing a task. 2. Give yourself a realistic time limit Take a look at the clock and tell yourself when you will have the text written. And keep your feet on the ground. It is not important to write the text in a record time, the important thing is that it is good. Calculate how much time it will take you to study the topic, write the outline, the writing itself and the final proofreading. So that you don’t end up like this.

To look around What is written about

Your paragraph text

The topic elsewhere and in what way? And how do they write about her abroad? Couldn’t the theme be presented in a different way than the one used Malaysia Phone Number List by everyone? How about using infographics, for example? 4. Determine the reader You don’t need to delve into Google Analytics, just use common sense. Who will you write the article for? Why should this reader read your article and not an article on a side website? Will he get any benefit from the article? What will reading it give him or bring? 5. To think If you know something about the topic, turn on the brain circuits and let the thoughts flow – write down the important ones. 6. Study the documents .

Study even in the summer We have selected 4 books that should not be missing in any suitcase

Take advantage of the longer days and the holiday season for some inspirational reading! We have selected 4 books that are not hot spring news, but have. Study even in the summer the potential to change the way you think and solve  work problems. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving  A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life  Let’s start a little wide and without gloves. The American blogger and entrepreneur chooses vulgar and provocative language to draw attention to a topic that, at first glance, may seem a bit corny in the flood of self-development books – values.

As the title quite clearly indicates

It is a text that deals with priorities and wants to be a helping hand in finding what is essential for us in life, at work, but also elsewhere . Every day, Iran WhatsApp Number Data we are bombarded . Study even in the summer with countless stimuli from all sides, vying for our attention. Mark Manson tries to explain that the amount of information is irrelevant for us , it unnecessarily divides our attention and overwhelms us with information. But this is the exact opposite of development books overflowing with sunshine and positivism. On the contrary, the book is an honest probe into the lives of each of us. The most important thing is to face them head on. And above all – to learn to ask yourself the question ” Which problems do I want to solve ?” instead of the obligatory “.

How do I get rid of those problems

Your paragraph text

Despite the load of vulgarity and honesty, you will feel relief at the end of the book and you will feel that your head has suddenly turned on. Marketing In The Lebanon Phone Number List Era .The most up-to-date book from our selection analyzes . Study even in the summer one of the biggest contemporary marketing challenges. The marketing head of Fortune magazine dedicates the publication to all CEOs and other people from the company’s management, but the text is also intended for marketers and communication specialists , because the health of the brand and the company’s reputation are linked more than ever before.