Itinerary of a copywriter Boarding! We are going

Do your texts reach clients exactly on time like a shinkansen, or do their clients wait in vain like Slovak trains during a lockout? If you stick to this timetable, you will be ahead of the Japanese in terms of punctuality! It might surprise you, but even such a creative activity as copywriting needs its own order. It’s nice to wait for the arrival of the muse with immoral proposals, but she can be more late than the trains of the Slovak Railway Company. And neither the boss nor the client will be interested. I therefore propose for myself.

Don’t procrastinate You read the article

Look into the discussion and check Facebook, and immediately you have a time ax and you are stressed. Nothing like this. Turn off all notifications Iraq WhatsApp Number Data¬†from social networks on your computer and phone, and make a resolution not to stick your nose out of Word before completing a task. 2. Give yourself a realistic time limit Take a look at the clock and tell yourself when you will have the text written. And keep your feet on the ground. It is not important to write the text in a record time, the important thing is that it is good. Calculate how much time it will take you to study the topic, write the outline, the writing itself and the final proofreading. So that you don’t end up like this.

To look around What is written about

Your paragraph text

The topic elsewhere and in what way? And how do they write about her abroad? Couldn’t the theme be presented in a different way than the one used Malaysia Phone Number List by everyone? How about using infographics, for example? 4. Determine the reader You don’t need to delve into Google Analytics, just use common sense. Who will you write the article for? Why should this reader read your article and not an article on a side website? Will he get any benefit from the article? What will reading it give him or bring? 5. To think If you know something about the topic, turn on the brain circuits and let the thoughts flow – write down the important ones. 6. Study the documents .

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