Top 10 most followed Germans, Czechs and Slovaks on Instagram

Instagram a popular platform for international self-presentation via the Internet. We see great potential in the German market, so in this article. I will compare what type of Instagram accounts Germans like, as opposed to Slovaks and Czechs. Top 10 most followed  who is part of the top 10 most watched Germans, Czechs and Slovaks on this visual platform? Top 10 German Instagrammers If you want to make it big on. Instagram in Germany, become a professional, world-renowned soccer player! The first place in the number of followers was occupied by the German FC Real Madrid player. Toni  with almost 16 million followers, immediately followed by the . Player from the football club Arsenal FC Mesut.

Bastian Schweinsteiger, Manuel

Mario Götze, Marc Ter  and Marco Reus also kicked their fans on Instagram with a soccer ball. It is enough for them to regularly add photos from the Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data playground or from their personal life, and half a million hearts are in the world. Top 10 most followed Toni  also promotes his own foundation “toni.kr8s_stiftung” on Instagram, but on Instagram fans give him hearts more for his football achievements. After all, German soccer players are world famous, so they can target a wider audience than locally known celebrities. Laughing at us from third place are Lisa and Lena with 12 and a half million followers, and they are definitely not a soccer duo. Good news for all those who want to become an Instagrammer in Germany and have only been watching football matches all their lives.

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They are constantly in Sweden Phone Number List touch with their .Top 10 most followed  audience and maintain a uniform style. These 16-year-old teenagers with cute braces on a white smile. Proof that you can build a career on the social network at thirteen, even without a voice like Beyoncé. They have released their own single, own a clothing brand and travel around the world. In tenth place with 5.5 million fans is Bianca  with her profile  . The beauty who became famous for her videos on the social network . YouTube, where she started with topics such as fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle.

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