Study even in the summer We have selected 4 books that should not be missing in any suitcase

Take advantage of the longer days and the holiday season for some inspirational reading! We have selected 4 books that are not hot spring news, but have. Study even in the summer the potential to change the way you think and solve  work problems. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving  A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life  Let’s start a little wide and without gloves. The American blogger and entrepreneur chooses vulgar and provocative language to draw attention to a topic that, at first glance, may seem a bit corny in the flood of self-development books – values.

As the title quite clearly indicates

It is a text that deals with priorities and wants to be a helping hand in finding what is essential for us in life, at work, but also elsewhere . Every day, Iran WhatsApp Number Data we are bombarded . Study even in the summer with countless stimuli from all sides, vying for our attention. Mark Manson tries to explain that the amount of information is irrelevant for us , it unnecessarily divides our attention and overwhelms us with information. But this is the exact opposite of development books overflowing with sunshine and positivism. On the contrary, the book is an honest probe into the lives of each of us. The most important thing is to face them head on. And above all – to learn to ask yourself the question ” Which problems do I want to solve ?” instead of the obligatory “.

How do I get rid of those problems

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Despite the load of vulgarity and honesty, you will feel relief at the end of the book and you will feel that your head has suddenly turned on. Marketing In The Lebanon Phone Number List Era .The most up-to-date book from our selection analyzes . Study even in the summer one of the biggest contemporary marketing challenges. The marketing head of Fortune magazine dedicates the publication to all CEOs and other people from the company’s management, but the text is also intended for marketers and communication specialists , because the health of the brand and the company’s reputation are linked more than ever before.

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