Content First 2018: Content is king, but you have to learn to rule it

The phrase that has been tossed around a hundred times in the marketing waters that content is king still holds true. Shiny social networks, perfectly targeted advertising campaigns or flawlessly set PPC campaign, all this is useless to you, unless you learn to rule this content. We learned a few techniques for this at the Content First conference in Prague. Long gone are the days when only what you fill your website or blog with was considered content. Today, the demand for quality content is everywhere , from social networks to native advertising to newsletters, which was also confirmed by this year of Content First.

There were many lectures

And their thematic dispersion was considerable – from managing the social networks of the city of Prague to legal aspects of advertising. Let’s Japan WhatsApp Number Data take a closer look at the individual inputs. The morning block of lectures was particularly attractive to those who came to Content First for content on social networks. During the lunch break, I talked with several people and we agreed on one thing – the lectures of Michelle   and Zuzana were definitely interesting. How to replace money? Well, the content Michelle  started the entire Content First program with a bang. The budget for Prague’s official social networks dropped by , you have a few people at your disposal and you create content not only for locals, but especially for the millions of tourists who visit the capital every year.

What about that? According to Michaela

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It is important to realize a few facts and build on them. What kind? The first fact – nobody cares about you. In this case, it means that people do not Philippine Phone Number solve the social networks of Prague, but Prague. The second fact – it is necessary to take care of people, not your social profiles. It works? Probably yes, as evidenced by the numbers – an increase in engagement on Facebook Twitter and Instagram .

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