What does the internet know about you?

In recent months, personal data protection has become a hot topic. After the leak of personal data from Facebook, the company launched a special page that allows you to check whether you too are in the hands of Cambridge Analytica. In addition to this site, there are many other interesting sub-sites that allow you to find out what the Internet knows about you. Cambridge Analytica record Using the Facebook application, this agency obtained data on more than 85 million users. Based on this data, she compiled comprehensive documentation that served to effectively target the political campaign.

In early April, Mark Zuckerberg

Testified before the US Congress, where he apologized to users for the stolen data. The company has created a page where anyone can check whether Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data or not their data has been used by  Cambridge Analytica. List of advertising preferences Based on your actions, Facebook creates a detailed map of preferences. The company can use this information to target advertising. For example, if you’ve recently looked at photos of clothes, Facebook will add “dress” or “t-shirt” to your interests. You can see the entire list of your interests on this page .

If you feel that some items

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Are definitely not among your interests, do not hesitate to delete them from the list. Third parties Some websites, programs and apps require access to your Facebook account. The Spain Phone Number List entire list of such sites and applications can be viewed here . It’s worth noting here that even apps that have already been removed from your device can access your data. Google really knows everything If you can’t remember where or where you drove last month on Thursday the 20th, Google will be happy to remind you – and even show you. This is because it stores data on the movement of its users in its maps, which you can see on this page . The company claims that this data is available only to you. You will only see this data if you have “Location Sharing” turned on.

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