12 browser extensions that you will simply love

Browser add-ons are great helpers that make your work and internet surfing more pleasant and efficient. What do we use at. Get inspired by the list of the best tools that you’re sure to love. Extension tips are primarily for Chrome. Let’s take a look at them. 1. 1Password Internet security is talked about every day. Admit it – how many of the same passwords do you use and how complex are they? Or have you gone the more sophisticated route and have a notebook where you write down your passwords so you can remember them all? Nonsense. If you want to keep all your accounts safe, start using 1Password.

In Password, set one really hard password

Add all your accounts that require password login. It can be social networks, but also banking or e-mail. You never have to remember unique  passwords because Laos WhatsApp Number Data Password generates them for you . It’s a simple way to keep your data really safe. 2. Grammarly Not 12 browser extensions  everyone can boast of the English of a native speaker. But don’t worry, Grammarly will give you a helping hand. The tool will be used not only by copywriters writing in English, but also by everyone else who needs to check the correctness of the English text .

Grammarly can check for grammatical errors

Your paragraph text

While explaining and correcting them in context. 3. Google Translator Another great addition for those who still struggle with English. What is the added value? You do not need to Saudi Arabia Phone Number List open a special 12 browser extensions  window into which you copy the text. You simply highlight the part you need to translate and click on the Google Translator icon. The text will be translated into Slovak for you directly on the page . Whether you need to skim a few words, a paragraph or, for example, an entire web page, believe that the translator will make your work much easier in a few seconds.

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