MOBILE MARKETING 10 facts you need to know

The good news is that mobile phone users are mostly willing to pay for these applications. And therefore make full use of them. Based on research carried out by the Nielsen agency, up to 93% of users are willing to pay to download a mobile game, 87% for entertainment and 84% for downloading a map or navigation route. 2. You will certainly not be the first person in the world to offer a specific mobile application. It is pointless to pretend that we are the ones who came up with something groundbreaking. And revolutionary that has not yet seen the light of day. The mobile application market is already crowded. And finding an opportunity or a gap in it is so difficult. That it is better to focus on the functionality and marketing of the given mobile application.

Mobile phones are no longer just phones

Simply put, try to explain its purpose, functionality Belgium Phone Number Data and justification to its potential users. A poorly understood application is a greater evil than none at all. This statement applies primarily to smart mobile phones i.e. smartphones. On average, the average user of such a mobile device uses their mobile device as follows. 15% of the total time for classic phone calls, 56% of the time is spent with it on mobile applications and games, and 19% of the time fund is for emailing and sending messages and chatting. It is up to the marketers to deal with these statistics and how to use them to the greatest advantage for themselves or the company they work for. The huge appetite for mobile applications and the mobile Internet forces companies to think about how to use this potential and, last but not least, to make money from it.

A mobile phone with an internet connection

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Nowadays, few people can be without their mobile Cambodia Phone Number List¬†for a long time. We can already statistically predict that in 2014. More people will connect to the Internet via their mobile at the expense of classic desktop computers and laptops. It is therefore enormously important for companies not to rest on their laurels. And gradually build their marketing strategy for mobile phones and the Internet connection in them. We want to be connected all the time. But we don’t have time for it. Therefore an ideal solution to this problem. 5. Mobile advertising is the key to success. Based on the previous fact, the exponential development of advertising and advertising possibilities in mobile phones is expected.

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