Work and a small child It’s okay and you don’t have to be a careerist

Is it even possible to combine caring for a small child and work? Definitely in marketing. Whether you’re just thinking about having a baby or you’re already a new mom, some advice from the marketing girl will surely come in handy. Work and a small¬† A child will turn your life upside down . New rules, nights that leave you looking worse than a weekend party, losing control of your time.

A baby is a change but you can handle it

If you want to combine work and childcare, get ready for a lot of planning, a lot of work things that the baby just gets in the way of, and also the Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data great feeling of getting it all done and finding time for both work and childcare. Work and a small The little ones give every mom a lot of work, and that’s why I’ve prepared a few tips for you on how to handle it all , what to watch out for and how not to burn out right from the start. When the child is not yet born and you naively think that you will go to work right away Maybe you are one of the tireless marketing girls and you plan to jump on the wave of work immediately after the six-week period.

Find your routine with the baby first

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I do not recommend. Six days is a treacherous mess. You may find yourself on a Cambodia Phone Number List hormonal rollercoaster ride and be moved to tears by the Nova news. This ¬†whimsical cocktail , during which you alternately laugh, move and roar at your man, does not have to end in six weeks. In such a state, returning to work is pure madness. Tip! If you will be a total wreck after six weeks, it is better to wait before returning to work. In addition to your hormonal conflicts, you will also deal with breastfeeding and sleep . Take your time. Find your routine with the baby first The child waves to you with everyday life. A change of habits awaits you , from the ground up. It is now the master of your time. But after his birth, you still don’t know each other completely. You have to tune in to its rhythm. Work and a small¬† When he eats, when he falls asleep, how many times a day he sleeps and for how long. Is it comfortable or does it scream as soon as you take it out of your hand? An equally important attribute for a successful return to work is a good night’s sleep . You might get lucky and have the sleepiest baby in the world. Or unlucky as I was, and you give birth to an insomniac who will wake up 10 times a night .

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