Website promotion in the TOP 10 search engines

One of the key tasks of a search engine optimizer is to ensure the growth of website rankings. But to achieve this, it is necessary to do a lot of work on its internal and external optimization. In this article we want to talk about the features of website promotion to the top: the work performed. The advantages and the main difficulties that you may encounter. The effect of promoting sites to the top the effect of promoting sites to the top let’s talk about the results. As you know, almost all traffic from search results, approximately 92%. Goes to resources that are located on the first page of search results – top 10. About 75% of all transitions go to sites from the top-5. Of these, the first 3 resources on serp are received by about 61% of visitors, more than half of whom – 32.5% – move to the first position. This is exactly the kind of promotion result that an seo specialist strives to ensure.

The effect of promoting sites to the TOP

But it is impossible to achieve high rankings for a site unless you make it more attractive to users. Therefore, the optimization process also affects the convenience of the resource, its functionality, informative content and other aspects that improve behavioral factors. The main advantages that promotion to the top gives: increase in traffic Phone Number List and number of clients . Traffic from organic search, especially for commercial queries, is easily converted into leads or customers. Most of these internet users come to you because they themselves are looking for your services; increase in average check and profit . In addition to the general increase in the number of orders proportional to the growth in traffic, improvements to content and usability also increase the conversion rate, as well as the number of additional sales. Therefore, the site’s profitability increases several times faster than its traffic increases. Increasing customer trust, reputation and loyalty .

Independent website promotion in the TOP 10

Internet users are accustomed to relying on search engine algorithms, so the very placement of a site in the first position indicates its quality and increases confidence in it. Convenient navigation, useful content and simple functionality increase user loyalty after visiting the site, turning some of them into regular customers. The competitive advantage Caseno Email List of your business over other people’s projects . Search engines are the main channel for attracting customers on the internet. Increased visibility in search is a very important advantage over competitors. Higher serp rankings allow you to get the bulk of potential customers to your site. In this case, the result of progress is preserved after the main cessation of work. High positions allow you to constantly receive free targeted traffic from search in the future without significant investments in seo. 

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