Website has slow loading speed

If there’s one factor that we know for sure has a huge impact on your ranking position, it’s page speed. Google and Bing want to make the web faster and they are doing everything they can to make this happen. From my experience talking to clients trying to improve website load times isn’t the easiest thing to do but it’s a big mistake to ignore it. A faster website will bring in more traffic (Website has slow loading speed), will generate more sales and more page views. If you’re running ads on your site (like AdSense), a faster site will also generate more ad clicks and ad revenue.

Link building comes too fast

However, the reality is like that. Whether you call it link building or WhatsApp Number Off-page SEO, it is one of the most important SEO processes, if you want to achieve high rankings. When building links, avoid making these SEO mistakes: Don’t build too many links too quickly. The whole process needs to be natural and not natural a 3 month old website has dozens of links pointing to it. Go slow and steady. Don’t use anchor keywords in anchor text. In the past, anchor text links with exact keywords were important for rankings, but now if you repeatedly push keywords into anchor text, you can get penalized. Don’t make all your links direct to the homepage. Diversification is a better practice. Don’t buy or exchange links with other bloggers, and don’t participate in any affiliate programs (free or paid).

Low quality link building

You need to create a page Add keywords CASENO Email List you want to rank for Build links to those pages. While this was a popular SEO tactic in the past, it is not the way to get a page at the top of Google today. The problem with using such techniques is that Google no longer tolerates link building that has no value other than the number of points the link points to. Google’s updated quality guidelines also state that any type of link built for this purpose is against their guidelines and could result in a penalty. Specifically they talk about: Post with lots of keyword-rich text links Let guests post articles widely in the article section Bookmark website links (There is a list of linked websites) Forum comments with links for optimization purposes .

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