Trends on social networks in 2019 What should you not miss

Social networks have had a nutritious year. Facebook came up with a new algorithm, Instagram launched its own IGTV channel, ephemeral content broke records, Twitter returned to a chronological feed, and that’s not all. Trends on social networks .What do social networks have in store for us in 2019 and what should we prepare for? Let’s start first with a very brief summary of what the past year has given us (and actually taken away a little) from the point of view of social networks: Facebook A new algorithm prioritizing posts from friends and family .

The Cambridge Analytica case

Data theft and many other “inconveniences” associated with personal Denmark WhatsApp Number Data data protection. The introduction of the so-called Breaking News. Global launch of the Watch platform Changing the name of the Canvas. Format to Instant Experience Instagram Changing. Trends on social networks The algorithm  Introduction of Instagram shopping-tags . New possibility to follow hashtags Option to add #hashtags and link to other people’s . Ability to promote posts from Instagram feed   channel for.

We can only speculate what gaming gadgets social networks will offer us next year. But there will certainly be countless of them, because every.  Social network tries to do only one thing – to keep our constant attention, long-term and repeatedly . The relatively hot news is the information that Facebook is testing video polls in advertisements , which aim to increase the attractiveness of advertisements and encourage user reactions.

The possibility to repost

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Other people’s Stories to your own, if our account is marked in it Pinterest France Phone Number List Pinterest Lens turned 1 year old The new look of the business profile on Pinterest . . Twitter Return of the chronological feed .Trends on social networks Prioritization of live broadcasts And what will happen next? Take a look with me under the cover of trends on social networks in 2019 .


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