They stole a truck and when they were escaping at full speed they crashed into a tree: three criminals died

Three criminals, two of them minors, died when they crashed into a tree during a chase while trying to escape from the police after a robbery of a truck in the Buenos  three criminals  Aires town of Bernal, Quilmes district, while two of them  hospitalized. Police and judicial sources today. The incident occurred this Saturday, around 7 p.m., when agents from the 2nd police station. of said jurisdiction were , through a call to 911 to the first weeks of the month. In any case, those who visit both La Feliz and the main tourist destinations in the country generally opt for “ gas tourism .” “ Consumption is . People take great care of themselves. “It is something that is oin different areas, including gastronomy. Summary area Jesús Osorno , president of the Hotel and Gastronomic Business Association (AEGH) of Mar del Plata. But lower demand is also in mass consumption.

Pass through the intersection

Buenos Aires Police) The spokesmen indicated that the criminals intercepted a man, whom they with a firearm and stole his car on Lisandro de La Torre Street Iceland Phone Number List at 5100, intersection with Ecuador, in the town of Ezpeleta, south of the Buenos Aires suburbs. After committing the crime, the criminals  the scene at high speed. At that moment, the police were  and  the truck pass through the intersection of 12 de Octubre and La Plata avenues, heading to the Avellaneda district. Thus began a chase that ended about seven kilometers from where the robbery was , at the intersection of Ituzaingó and Don Bosco streets, in the town of Bernal, when they lost control of the vehicle and  into a tree. According to sources, two criminals died instantly, one identified as Joaquín Matías Lezcano, 19, who was driving the vehicle at the time of impact.

Three criminals with a magazine

Investigation sources confirmed to Télam that another of the suspects, also under 18 years of age, died this morning, bringing the death toll to three Italy Phone Number List attackers. Meanwhile, two of the criminals remain hospitalized at the Iriarte Hospital in Quilmes, one of legal age. As Martín Rodrigo Konoval (19), and another minor, whose recovery is expected to be . Read also: A young man was shot in the chest after two criminals tried to steal his motorcycle “They had no history of being minors, but they did have several visits to police stations.  An investigator told Télam when about the minors in the incident. During the procedure, the police seized inside the vehicle a 22 caliber Bersa pistol with a magazine and without ammunition. Millimeter caliber revolver with three intact projectiles.

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