There is no plan B to do things right

President Javier Milei He maintained that the Government is “surprised by the speed” with what they consider to be “achieving results” of the policies implemented since December 10. There is no plan B to do things right . ” This was  by the president in an interview with the American newspaper. The Wall Street newspaper that was this Sunday, where he also  the intention to dollarize the economy and privatize public companies and to the relationship with China for investments and the United Kingdom for Malvinas. At the beginning of the note and  how long he thinks the Argentine.People can wait to see signs that their plan is working, Milei : “Understand that this process can last.

Make a fiscal adjustment

about two years and it is true that there is a warning light that says it is difficult to last more than a year . «The truth is that when we start to see how the data is Greece Phone Number List running and how inflation is moving, we ourselves are at how quickly we are getting results. «He . Likewise, he said that “it is true that we would investments because one of the things that happens is that, when you make a fiscal adjustment, you increase savings. If this savings does not have an investment counterpart, a drop in economic activity. “the fall in employment and the fall in real wages appears.” Asked about his privatization plan, the President said that he will do it “as quickly as possible.” «I am going to do everything I can sell from the state companies as soon as possible. But there are institutional restrictions. And when asked about items. We are going to privatize everything that can be privatized.

Dollarizing for very little money

Asked about a possible dollarization of the Argentine economy.In the last month we bought 5,000 million dollars and the monetary base is close to Indonesia Phone Number List almost 8,000 million dollars, so if we finish liquidating all the remunerated liabilities of the Central Bank, we would be in conditions of dollarizing for very little money. Javier Milei  his desire to dollarize the economy and privatize public companies. Photo: Telam. And when  if he still thinks about adopting the dollar as currency, he : “We have always talked about free exchange competition for whatever Argentines choose. “It is likely that at an initial moment they will opt for the dollar.” For his part, regarding whether he had “a plan B. There is no plan B, there is no plan B to do things right. You do things well or you do them well. Because if plan B is to do things more or less or negotiate..

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