The mobile revolution has begun

RU online offers you a short clip from the conference thanks to an article published in the June. From this the moment the modern history of  marketing in our country begins to be written. More than 8 hours, 10 topics, 12 speakers and discussants. A hundred participants and invited guests. This is what the marketing revolution looked like in our region. The largest group (about 40%) of the audience consisted of participants from agencies. Whether digital advertising, media or PR. Direct advertisers and clients represented about 30% of the audience.

Is the future of marketing in mobile phones

All right The program began with a series Germany Phone Number Data of presentations. That described the status and trends the mobile in the basic indicators necessary for the further development of mobile marketing in Slovakia. Data on the use of the Internet. Its current prices and programs of mobile operators. During it the speakers tried to inspire those present with the best devices that are aimed at our market and offer wider possibilities for marketers. This block also included a tour of the world’s best campaigns and the most successful applications for phones and devices.

In the affirmative with the conclusion

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Optimization of websites for mobiles Hong Kong Phone Number List services.  And the use of the camera and camera in a mobile phone. Data The difficult task of the first speaker was undertaken by Gregor. Who presented to the mobile those present the first ever numbers of mobile internet usage and mobile website traffic in our country. And abroad and the trends that this media channel will follow. He told us that the number of visits from mobile devices reached a respectable 3.6 million in April this year.  While a year ago it was just over 1.1 million. There was also a comparison with foreign countries and the latest strategies of other operators in this area.

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