Barracas Central vs River Plate in the LPF Cup 2024: when they play, at what time and where to watch the match

Robert Citrone is the head of Discovery Capital Management and previously worked with none other than George Soros. Like other investment funds, he came to Argentina to analyze on the ground what is called “business climate.” He praised Javier Milei and Luis “Toto”, Caputo, whom he considers “a great economist.” This Saturday he received a small group of journalists at the Four Seasons… He confesses to the NBA and says that he would like to bring an NFL game to play in River, because he considers it a beautiful stadium and adds a fact “next year we are going to play in Brazil and Mexico in 2025 and mentions other countries.” .» Europeans where they want to expand the league, among them Madrid and Germany. It does not rule out that Buenos Aires Add to this list of countries.

The head of a billionaire William

This investor met with Caputo, whom he says he has known for 32 years. He says that the minister told him that inflation was going to be lower than expected Singapore Phone Number List and that there are still reforms to be made beyond the fiscal ones, in addition to insisting on his determination to reach zero deficit. -Since when have you been interested in Argentina? -I was at Fidelity Investments in the 90s in charge of investments in emerging markets and the first country I came to was Argentina in 1991, before convertibility we saw a great opportunity. The country was in worse condition, with an inflation rate of 2,000% and the private sector was not as vibrant and strong as it is today. We bought bonds and we had 25% of Argentina’s internal debt. Robert  -What did you see at that moment in Argentina? At that moment I thought that Cavallo was .

A  finance minister with a good team

However, despite Argentina’s poor financial performance, there are always investment opportunities in the country. -I came after PASO and UAE Phone Number List surprised Milei. At that moment  I thought that no matter who was president, there would be a change, a positive change. If they manage to stabilize the economy and approve many of these laws, Argentina will grow 5% or 6% for 3 or 4 years. Where are the investment opportunities? -They come from banks and energy companies. I have shares of Vista, YPF, Banco Galicia, Banco Macro and Pampa Energía. Also from Banco Galicia and Banco Macro. Banks are a bet on the success of macro stability. Credit to the private sector in Argentina is 8% of GDP.

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