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This Thursday, the picketers will return to the doors of the supermarkets in the Capital and Province to ask for food. The new day of protests will serve to give visibility to the delay in the delivery of merchandise to the community kitchens that the social movements denounce. But also to the appointments of officials problems in the existing joints within the Ministry of Human Capital strongly led by Sandra Pettovello. The existing tension in this portfolio  the versions of the  resignation of Pablo de la Torre.  The Secretary of Children and Family (former Social Development. Due to the permanent disagreements over the management of resources with the President’s friend which were . by the ministerial spokesperson. «Sandra is Milei in her manners.Explains an official who metwith the official this week and reports friction that would alter the management of a fundamental portfolio to face the flash of inflation.

Appointments of officials former

The Government maintains, however, that the complaints from social organizations occur because today the ministry encourages “direct transfers” to the picnic Denmark Phone Number List areas instead of “giving” them food as was the case in the past. But the ruling party itself admits that there are supply problems because the previous Government left power without calling a tender at the end of November to buy dry and fresh food. In any case, for now there is no evaluation of declaring. A Food Emergency” and the slogan is : “under threat no one is received  in Social Development. protest announcement This Monday the piquetero groups of Peronist extraction and “allies” will announce at the UTEP headquarters. In the Constitución neighborhood the Map of the mobilizations to supermarkets and the COPAL headquarters.

Perspective and thus the consequences

In the confederation of popular movements, led by Alejandro “Peluca” Gramajo, they maintain that the situation is “desperate” and that the purchase of merchandise France Phone Number List through funds from the Unit Nations and the World Bank is not even activat. The emergency, they add, produces excess demand in the City’s dining rooms. At the Parque Patricios government headquarters they recognize that the “delays of the Nation and Province” in the provision of food “complicate” compliance with normal assistance.Which today reaches about 133 thousand daily rations. They don’t deliver the bags or even the boxes that PAMI use to give and then the canteens ask us for more. Explains a leader who assures that perspective and thus the consequences are paid,” in reference to the worsening of the conflict.

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