SEO milestones in 2018

The year 2018 brought quite a few changes, search algorithms are smarter and smarter and therefore it is more and more important to keep up with them. We have summarized news for you that indicate the direction SEO will take in the coming years.SEO milestones February 2018: New recalculation of the DR metric in Ahrefs Ahrefs If you follow the Ahrefs blog regularly, you may have read an article by Tim Soule in early February justifying the change.

Google SEO milestones  Mobile First Index

DR is an abbreviation for the Domain Rating metric and is used most often when comparing the strength of a domain from an off-page point USA WhatsApp Number Data of view . Why did this metric change? If the domain already had a DR of 100, it could not move further, but competitors could. In order for the domains to be better compared with each other,and thus also the others that were not of such high quality.SEO milestones Another reason was also the need to clean up the databases that Ahrefs has and grind the better domains into more structures. To give you an idea, this is about 174 million domains. The main evaluation metrics for DR are pretty much the same as before in the final, but the scale has been adjusted and the domains are more dynamically layered from 0-100.

Another  update Algorithm list

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Source – Ahrefs blog March 2018: List of search algorithm updates Update list This update did not make us very happy. Seznam came with the Canada Phone Number List information. At the end of February on the blog in the article Shift in search relevance . SEO milestones. However, the advantage was the opportunity to test this change about a week in advance in the Beta search list. Already at the end of January I recorded a nice “List dance”, and the positions jumped really nicely. We are talking about movements of measured phrases, which we have been measuring for a long time in Collabi. I waited a week or two to see if it would settle down, and nothing. We recorded further changes back in April, so it could have been several phases.

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