SEO Considerations is Google Harming Websites

Worried about the new google? Do you think that seo – optimization of web pages. For search engines will cease to be effective? It’s high time to know more. Seo considerations: is google harming websites? By chance after clicking. Through some portals, blogs or discussion groups. I found a few inconsistencies that can mislead readers. Among them is the opinion that google fights against seo optimization. No, he doesn’t fight. It is true that google changes the rules of the game from time to time, which must be respected and implemented in new strategies. This is nothing new. However, none of this means that it fights against seo. Therefore, always pay attention to what you read. Not everything is really like that. Below I quote a few words that I came across on the internet and I would like to put them in perspective.

Web page optimization for search engines

It does this by using search results, from which Kuwait Phone Number Data the user can eliminate for good some sites that never offer the desired result.” the author continues as follows: “in the search results, it is now possible to move the search results up, down or delete them completely. It is also possible to add your own comments. Users have the option to return everything to their original state, or share their search results or comments with others. In this way, a kind of new version of google search results is created. Where the location of websites is determined by the users themselves and not by backlinks or seo optimization. To a certain extent, the google search engine becomes a kind of analogue of social networks.” from these words, it seems to me that internet users have started to confuse the term seo with something completely different.

Prohibited techniques in SEO

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This means providing them with the information Latvia Phone Number List they are looking for and need. Optimization is not about being in the top positions for as many words as possible. But to be awake and at the same time on relevant keywords that will bring visits to the website. Properly executed seo is in accordance with google’s search principles. Therefore, after the introduction of new google measures, there is nothing to worry about. If people find on your site what it was optimized for there is no need to panic. Only those who use black hat techniques in their work that google itself has not yet revealed can be afraid of changes. I would recommend authors who did not fully grasp the essence. Of the changes to consider the modifications so as not to mislead their readers unnecessarily.

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