Scandal at the Louvre: two activists threw soup at La Gioconda

Among the most recognized and notable artistic spaces in Europe is the Louvre Museum , which stands out for each of the works it presents in a large space divided into sections. in one of two activists threw which La Gioconda is a work that was vandalized in the last hours. Environmental activists attack Velázquez’s painting ‘Venus in the Mirror’ with hammers in London It is worth mentioning that This is not the first time that a work of art has been vandalized in Europe , mainly by activists. On this occasion, Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting, by a display case, was  with soup cans when two young people to give a message. The same thing was  to food.

The unusual audio of the user

On  the white t-shirts they also showed an expression about it in black letters. It was so after throwing orange liquid against the glass that protects the masterpiece Venezuela Phone Number List that they the security barriers that limit the approach to the painting. High alert in Indonesia: one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world erupted “What is the most important? Art or the right to healthy and long-lasting nutrition? “Our agricultural system is sick. One of the young women shouted . According to the t-shirt they were wearing, they belong to the organization Food Response (Riposte Alimentaire, for its translation from French. The statement from the French organization on the vandalism of La Gioconda Through Instagram , the French Food Response movement referred to the event in which two members  and described it as an “action” at the Louvre Museum. in France over the weekend.

Two activists threw This Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Through their non-violent action, Sasha (24 years old) and Marie-Juliette (63 years old) demand the establishment of Sustainable Social Food Security,” they  about Hong Kong Phone Number List the protagonists. Publication by the activist organization about the attack on La Gioconda. Pope Francis’ request for peace in the face of the wave of violence in Ecuador: “Ensure prayer” Then, they the words of the activist who spoke at the Louvre Museum: “Our agricultural system is sick. Our farmers die at work, one in three French people. “You skip one meal a day while retailers and manufacturers gorge themselves.” . “Food must be universal, democratic and sustainable at all costs,” they . on the activist organization’s Instagram post . Kate Middleton was urgently  and one piece of information everyone: “It is not cancerous.

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