This would be the children of Rose and Jack from Titanic, and other movie couples, according to artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence continues to surprise us every day. In a universe where the only limits are your imagination, shared a digital creator. What would the children of couples in movies or series be like? Digital content creator and designer Jeremy Pomeroy, whose Instagram alias iai,  technology from Midway’s powerful generative engine to compose hyper-realistic family portraits. And the results are so surprising that when you see them, they transport us to a very familiar alternative reality. Here we share the spectacular images. Read also: This is what Mar del Plata would be like in 100 years, according to artificial intelligence This is what the children of famous couples from movies and series would be like, according to artificial intelligence Rose and Jack Dawson, from Titanic What could have happened? Jack  the sinking of the Titanic .

province of Santa Fe 

In addition, he highlighted the effort made by the national government and some provinces to “rationalize public management spending” and “rationalize the Pakistan Phone Number List economy” given that, he said, the economic crisis and inflation are being  day by day.” “It is beginning to be fixed” after the sharp rise in prices registered in recent weeks.”We are going to defend the production of the province of Santa Fe and if Caputo thinks this way, we are going to work to make him understand that it is a mistake to increase withholdings on the countryside and the industry,” he stressed. , with measures of this type what will be “is that jobs will be lost and the economic growth of the interior of Argentina will be .

Information declared by the companies

The BCRA data is based on the quarterly monitoring of taxpayers’ debts during the last 6 years bon previous surveys. They represent a universe of informants Sweden Phone Number List  greater than the one that has been , for the first and only time, about 1 companies with their commercial debt in the Registry of the Ministry of Commerce pportunely and specifically to address the current problem of the stock of this type of companies ». debt.” 6- Differences in the degree of data crossing with other sources and organizations : The Registry of the Ministry of Commerce is  on the declaration of importing individuals and companies. On the other hand, the BCRA estimates not only include the information  by the companies, but, as a complement and control of the declared records, a quarterly cross-check of data is  out with other sources.

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