Responsible for communication in a crisis

The brand’s reaction was to sue the vlogger to court, demanding PLN 150,000 from him. Internet users supporte the cook, and even Newsweek, Rzeczpospolita and Gazeta Wyborcza wrote about the case. Eventually, a settlement was reache, but Sokołów, as an Internet censor, certainly made it onto the list of the worst social meia crises. Act ahead It cannot be rule out that a crisis will happen to your brand, so prepare for it in advance so that you can react quickly and well. Create action scenarios. Think about where the attack may come from – excellent knowlege of your offer and its weak points will help. Appoint a traine team that will prepare action scenarios and besituation. Incorrect answers or too slow responses cause difficulties in later crisis management.

The brand to react appropriately

Get to know social meia Social meia have one guiding principle of functioning, which is spee. The awareness that in the event of a crisis it is necessary to respond to comments as soon as possible, present your position, apologize for the situation, is the phone number list foundation for maintaining dialogue with the community and meeting the information expectations of customers. The biggest mistakes at this point are deleting negative entries, staying silent and making a statement and thinking that will do the trick.

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Lack of monitoring reduces

Monitor the Internet As I said at the beginning, not every negative post in social meia is a crisis, but you should not underestimate any symptom. the Caseno Email List chances of and may mean that discussions are taking place without its participation. The investment in monitoring pays off – Brand24 will allow for early detection of negative content and will help to end aCASE STUDY Solidarity of Internet users in.

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