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A social media marketer, you have to turn to Meta’s Creator Studio or and and apps for tasks like creating a reel or viewing video analytics. However, in October 2022, Meta began moving creative tools from Creator Studio to Business Suite. If you’ve used Creator Studio recently, you may have seen the prompt below encouraging you to get started with Business Suite. Business Suite has always offered, the platform now offers a more comprehensive set of marketing tools. Starting October 2022, you can use Business Suite to schedule content, cross-post between accounts, manage cross-app messaging, and access advanced analytics.

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Onboarding team members, and accessing linked tools hasn’t changed much since Business Suite was first launched. Instead, let’s take a look at the platform’s recently updated creative, engagement, and analytics tools. How to Publish and Schedule Social Media Content in Business Suite Business Suite’s creative options have grown considerably whatsapp mobile number list in recent weeks with the addition of the Creator Studio tool. Let’s take a look at new options for content planning and scheduling. 01 How to Crosspost Content Between and While Business Suite does not currently support Reels, it does allow you to crosspost content across linked accounts.

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Your company and accounts and groups without creating separate posts. If you’re short on time or resources, the Business Suite’s cross-posting option may be helpful. The dashboard lets you publish the same content to both platforms at the same time, and it also has customization and scheduling options to help you leverage the styles and tools of Caseno Email List each channel. To get started, click any of the “Create Post” buttons located throughout the Business Suite dashboard. Open the Publish to drop-down menu and choose where you want to publish your content. You can cross-post to your Page, Account, and up to three Groups. By default. Business Suite publishes the same content to each platform.

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