On the Published tab you can view basic metrics for posts

Toggle the Custom Posts switch for and for more control over how your content looks on each platform. Then choose when to publish the post or save it as a draft. You can choose a different time for each channel. Note that Business Suite provides additional optimization tools for content only. If you choose to post exclusively to your page, you can take advantage of Business Suite tools like Smart Cropping and Smart Preview, designed to increase engagement on . HOW TO MANAGE POSTS, STORIES AND MORE IN THE CONTENT TABS 02 FUNGULL Originally labeled Posts and Stories, the renamed Content Tab is now your destination to keep track of published, planned or drafted content. It organizes content on separate tabs

Posts and Reels and Stories

You can use the post type and filter dropdowns to focus on the content you want to see and filter out irrelevant content. You can also customize the chart’s columns to make the content as useful as possible. , reels, and stories, and boost content that matches your criteria. You can move unpublished content back and forth between the Scheduled phone number list and Drafts tabs, and you can delete or reschedule content. Do you manage multiple accounts for related brands and businesses? You can select multiple accounts to display on the Content tab at once. This option is helpful for planning activities and making quick comparisons. 03 How to Preview Your Grid and While the “Content” tab helps you quickly assess content status and basic metrics.

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Your content will look to your followers. To see the feed in action, go to the Feeds & Grids tab. From here, you can scroll through your Pages and Account feeds side-by-side. To view your grid instead, click Grid Options. Note that this interface only shows your main grid, not your Reels grid. How to schedule a launch Reel 04 Creator Studio offers Reels launches starting in summer 2022, but Business Suite’s lack of short-form video support has been one Caseno Email List of the platform’s biggest downsides. Fortunately, you can now create scrolls directly from Business Suite. What’s the catch? Like Creator Studio, Business Suite only allows Reels to publish to , not . Also, the business suite doesn’t have interactive stickers, filters, or other editing options. So you’ll need to create content in third-party apps.

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