MICROSOFT TAGS competition to QR codes

Since our previous article from 06/23/2011 entitled QR codes and mobile marketing was exceptionally successful. We have prepared its continuation for you. In the 21st century evoking a hectic way of life. And the use of expansive marketing procedures and campaigns. It is quite impossible for a QR code to be the only one of its kind in the wide spectrum of two-dimensional marketing codes simply referred to as 2D codes. In 2010, the world-famous software giant Microsoft seized the opportunity to enrich mobile marketing with a competitive 2D code called “Microsoft Tag”. As they were aware of the difficult position in this American company when introducing this product. They left nothing to chance. Microsoft Tag has created a separate website, which, in our opinion, is as clear and interesting as possible. In it you will find everything you need to know about these tags.

companies to use these codes for their marketing

Mobile advertising in the form of a Microsoft Oman Phone Number Data QR code has the greatest benefit in the color and original design of this code. Which unlike classic QR codes arouses more interest for us as potential customers and consumers. After all, the black and white design of QR codes is not so pleasing to the eye. The site also includes the option to download the so-called “Tag Reader”. That is a mobile phone application that allows you to read these codes extract content from them and then save them to your mobile device. The website also contains a “Tag Manager”. Which will allow us to create and further use a specific Microsoft Tag according to our requirements. It goes without saying that Microsoft praises the possibility of downloading Tag reader and Tag Manager completely free of charge. But in the end, they have nothing else left.

we were redirected to a specific website via the mobile browser

Phone Number Data

The application is fully available only on Estonia Phone Number List their official website. In this way, they protect their know-how in a certain way, but we at RU online do not think that it is both necessary and desirable in their case. We at RU online managed to find an interesting site on the Internet where this Microsoft Tag can be easily generated. WEBTIVITY is a company dedicated to the promotion of 2D codes for advertising and marketing purposes and the implementation of campaigns with their help. Our RU online Microsoft Tag looks like this: microsoftTAGimageUPDATE1-292×300 However, as we have already mentioned, such a Microsoft Tag can be fully created only on its official website. We also had significantly limited options on the WEBTIVITY website.

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