Methods of Writing Interesting Introductory

Among the MOST difficult things in writing is creating an interesting introductory paragraph.

Do you know:

Getting attention is the most important element in blogging.

It doesn’t matter how great your idea is, it won’t get through to the reader unless you SUCCEED in getting them to “turn” to you.

You need to get your prospect’s attention before you can convert them into readers,

… and then let him know how wonderful the knowledge you want to convey is.

Do I have your attention now?


When someone comes to your blog, two things will happen

Whether they will continue to click out again…
…or they ‘stick’ to your writing.
An interesting and great introductory paragraph is not Latest Mailing Database only important to readers, but also an important signal to search engines.

When readers stick to your blog like elephant glue, Google will think:

“This blog must be good. Let’s put it at the top of the SERPs.”

But when readers leave your blog like a shipwreck, then surely Google will drop your site like a sinking stone.

So what do I want to emphasize here?

If you want to rank well on Google search, you need to keep readers glued to your blog site.

Therefore today I will share an effective method to write an interesting and effective introductory paragraph.

Are you ready?

Let’s start…

Treat your blog visitors like predators Your blog browser is like an animal of prey

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They are hunting for information or looking for a product Caseno Email List just like a hungry tiger is hunting for its food.

When a tiger smells a scent trail, it will quickly decide: does the scent lead to good food? Is it easy to catch?

Your web visitors also assume two things in common:

Does your website offer what they are looking for?

And can they find it easily?

Hungry tigers don’t like to waste time catching elusive food.

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