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Would you like to increase traffic to your blog without investing thousands in advertising? Would you like to acquire new and relevant readers? Focus on your blog’s SEO! We have prepared an SEO checklist for you, which you can implement without the assistance of specialists .Like on an SEO blog which will significantly help you achieve higher traffic from organic results. Today, the blog is a regular part of company websites and e-shops. An individual who runs a personal blog and aspires to become a “full-time blogger” must really work hard to succeed.

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Full and new fish are added every day. Blogging is not dead – meme Whether you write a blog to promote products, for pleasure, entertainment Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data or money, you need to realize that a blog was, is and will be a sales tool . It doesn’t matter if he sells your products, know-how, personal brand, opinion or idea. Like on an SEO blog Your blog SELLS and without customers (in the blogging world, rather visitors) it has no one. We have already revealed fourteen tips for popular content (for your blog). Although the creation of quality content is the alpha and omega of your blogging career, its promotion/communication is the second, no less important component.

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A great article when no one knows about it? Two priceless pieces of advice without which even good SEO will not work 1. Persevere If you write a Iran Phone Number List personal blog out of necessity and not for pleasure, sooner or later you will stop writing. Therefore, write only if you really want to and have something to say . Like on an SEO blog Don’t give up if the blog’s readership is low at first. They all started from scratch. If you create valuable articles and have good SEO , your audience will find you! Persevere! And in case you sometimes feel like “wrapping up” your blogging career, stick the main benefits of blogging on your bulletin board, which will give you (lost) motivation.

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