An achievement that Javier Milei celebrates but that was managed by the previous Government

The previous Government had with China on the export of wheat, wool and beef offal. In October the protocol was . The announcement was made last week by the National Ministry of Agriculture: Argentina would begin exporting wheat “for the first time in history” to China. The news was immediately  on social networks as an achievement of Javier Milei’s management, although in fact, the opening of this market was  months ago by the previous Government. From the official statement it reads.  The General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC). Argentine companies to export wheat in the Online Quarantine Registration System of  Establishments. to export.

Immediately replicat on social

Vegetables, Animals and their Products entering China. In this way, for the first time the market for the export of Argentine wheat to the Asian giant is Germany Phone Number List operational.” Know more According to LCG, the moderation of the parallel dollar cannot be  in the medium term. Rentals in the City of Buenos Aires: rose up to 16.7% in January. Another issue is that, strictly speaking, this is not the first time that Argentina exports wheat to China. According to historical records, in the 1960s various shipments were made to the Asian giant, but the truth is that for decades this market was not among the main buyers of the Argentine product. Wheat to China Specifically. China is the third world importer of wheat with 10 million tons annually and the main supplying countries of the cereal are Australia (with 5.7 million tons) and Canada (with 1.8 million tons.

Bigining of that protocol

Wheat exports   million In  wheat exports  US$4,315 million More here in time.  By simply following the official statements of the Secretary of India Phone Number List Agriculture of the Government of Alberto Fernández, one can verify that in October of last year Bahillo himself had the signing of that protocol. key and that the reopening of the Asian poultry meat market that was  due to avian flu was also. Continuing in chronological order this week. The Secretary of Agriculture of the Milei administration then  the completion of a procedure. That logically should include companies  to export Argentine cereal. An important fact and worthy of communication but far from the celebration .

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