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Enter the brand name Brand24 is. The best tool to monitor your brand or product online . Thanks to it, you will find customers and learn the scale of discussions around a selecte topic, brand or product. 24, we are constantly trying to give our customers more and more. Recently, we made it easier to access searche mentions thanks to integration with Slack , now it’s time for data processing facilities – we’ve just launche the advance daily. And weekly reports feature! Already today, you can receive automatically generate summaries of your projects to the e-mail address provide and stay. Up to date with important information about your business without any extra work.

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Daily report Every morning you can receive. A report that is a summary of what happene with your project the day before. In it, you will find the most important mentions and statistics such as: the total number of new mentions and their range, to Latest Mailing Database down by sentiment . A small portion of information every day will show you how your daily work affects the change in the size of the buzz around your brand. An example of a daily report. Exemplary report Weekly report In it, as in the daily report. You will find key indicators regarding the searche results and. The most important mentions – but this time collecte by Brand24 throughout the past week.

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Such summaries will allow you to discover. Trends and long-term changes in your projects. An example of a weekly report weekly report Both types of reports are Caseno Email List available to all users, including free test accounts (you don’t have an account yet – you can create one here ). New reports – new possibilities There are numerous benefits associate with daily and you use your Internet monitoring more effectively: From now on, insight into what is happening with your company will be even easier.

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