one by one, the 7 increases that are coming up to almost 200% Quilmes Judicia

After the bad inflation data in December that reached 25.5%, analysts predict that the price increase will continue at double digits in January as well and everything indicates that  Quilmes Judicia the increases will continue. In this framework, although the Government carries out a price liberalization policy, there are some items that have already confirmed strong increases of up to more than 200% that will have a full impact on pockets. Bus, metro and train fares. Rentals Even though the DNU repealed the Rental Law, ongoing contracts must be  until their expiration date. . This means that while the agreement is in force, all terms and conditions will apply until its termination.

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In that sense, those who  under the repealed law will have to face increases of around 147.1% annually in the amounts to pay. In this way, February marks India Phone Number List another record for the Lease Contract Index (ICL), which is prepared by the Central Bank (BCRA)  on inflation and salaries. This formula applies only to Rentals that began between . prior to the enactment of the new rental law with semiannual adjustments through the Casa Propia index. internet and cable The companies began to inform their clients that, starting in the first days of February, they will carry out the second rate adjustment of 2024 with an increase that may be greater than 25% depending on the service and the operator. Rates In February, it is  that gas rates will arrive with a new tariff scheme c As a consequence.

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So far, the Ministry of Energy has not how much the increase will be, but they could increase up to 697%. Gasoline As for gasoline, the tax freeze ends on  on fuel that the Latvia Phone Number List former head of the Treasury Palace, Sergio Massa, hadin November, which implied an extra increase of $70 per liter or 25% directly to the public. Therefore, the update of taxes This will affect the prices of the pumps. to the first weeks of the month. In any case, those who visit both La Feliz and the main tourist destinations in the country generally opt for “ gas tourism .” “ Consumption is . People take great care of themselves. “It is something that is oin different areas, including gastronomy. Summary area Jesús Osorno , president of the Hotel and Gastronomic Business Association (AEGH) of Mar del Plata. But lower demand is also in mass consumption.

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