How to Make Your Writing Clear and Easy

Not everyone is able to write well.

In fact, sometimes even professional writers fail to do so.

Many people are persistent in writing informative articles.. but unfortunately, no one reads them.

What exactly is wrong here?
You need to know that; 76% of website readers are very busy.

— They just stare and scan ( scanning ).

Their brains are racing to decide whether to leave your blog or not.

So, what is important for readers to stay?

It is related to clarity.

Clarity means making your article content easy to understand

If the reader does not understand what is being Phone Number List said, then how can your article be considered useful?

In other words, if you can produce content that is clear to understand..

.. it will definitely help make it easier for readers to see the value contained in the article.

And as a result, they will continue reading.

I think you get the idea here.

So, how can you write as clearly as possible?

7 Ways to Make Your Writing Clear and Easy to Understand
I will explain some simple methods to help you communicate your ideas in writing clearly and effectively:

1. Understand first what to convey
Clarity starts before you start writing.

You need to think first what you want to say, before your fingers move to type a sentence.

Before typing a sentence, you should consider these few things:

Your subject: For example, this article is about clear writing.
Your goal: My goal in this article is to explain how to write clearly.
Writing outline: The writing outline is how the basic structure of the article will be built. My writing outline has 7 points.
2. Know who your readers are
Knowing the reader is an important feature of good writing.

The better you know your readers the more clearly you can communicate with them

Phone Number List

Let me make this clear.

Imagine your reader is a 7-year-old child.

To communicate effectively, then write like how we Caseno Email List would like to talk to a 7-year-old child.

Don’t worry, it won’t offend and demean the reader’s intelligence.

In fact, it will allow them to process information more easily.

Of course, when we are trying to explain something quite advanced, we need to use more extensive words and concepts.

For this reason, you should know what topics and concepts your readers are familiar with, and cover those topics.

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