How long does an SEO project take?

Important results: increase in clicks (visits) – 6 months onwards. Expected final results depending on the project: for example. Positioning in a particular query or receipt of organic leads from Google – 12 months onwards.   Stages of an SEO project along a Google Search Console graph Stages of an SEO project.

SEO project case How long does studies

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that guarantees long-term success. But requires consistency and patience. However, like every WhatsApp Number thing on the web. It is constantly evolving to stay current. Can be dethroned by other material that Google considered. According to new parameters to be more suitable for that place. This results in SEO being a service that cannot be dispensed with if the positioning gained is to be maintained. To learn how an SEO project works in different industries. With different objectives and scenarios. Increase traffic to the study agency subdomain in Colombia.

What was the timeline for the first period* of the project?

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roject start: 10/28/2020. SEO Analysis Presentation: 11/19/2020. On Page SEO Presentation: 12/2/2020. Changes end: 12/17/2020. Presentation of the Con Caseno Email List tent Plan: 01/20/2021. Completion of content plan article optimization: 04/06/2021.  Introducing YouTube analytics and best practices: 05/19/2021. YouTube changes finalized: 06/04/2021. Presentation of the project status, executive summary and next steps: 07/08/2021. This client renewed its contract with Pencil Speech after the results obtained with the first period of the project. What were the objectives of the project? Increase the visibility of a cardiometabolic product.

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