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This summer together with the magazine Instore. We participated in the creation of an article dedicated to internet marketing and the decline in online advertising orders. You can read part of it here. The volume of advertisements on Slovak websites decreased compared to last year. Submitters still most often advertise through banner advertising. Followed by linear advertising and search. On which portal to advertise. It is not possible to generalize which portal is the most ideal to advertise on. The huge number of visitors to the site is not an authoritative figure that we should strictly adhere to and consider as the single most important factor. Targeting is especially important.

If you know the value of each conversion

However, since nothing compares to real Hong Kong Phone Number Data testing instead of investing the budget in a single portal. I would recommend partial testing of the campaign in several systems. And then selecting the portals with the best response. What companies should not forget is the effort to obtain the most relevant information about the place where they have decided to advertise. They should request relevant information about what the given advertising space can bring them. Find out the average traffic of the subpage where the ad is published find out the average from the offered advertising space.

Do my customers visit this portal

Phone Number Data

The customer thus pays only for specific Indonesia Phone Number List clicks. Or even only for specific conversions made from the given advertising space. The Internet is a powerful medium that still has room to grow. Improving the market situation will also help internet advertising. Thanks to this, not only the quality of content on websites can be made more efficient. But also the visual experience of site visitors. Before publishing an advertisement on the Internet. What share of the total traffic? Will my ad be displayed on the subpages of the portal where my target group goes.

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