Did you forget about internal linking Or how to analyze the distribution of link juice

We often hear about topics like getting links from external websites or choosing a domain to get a link in the SEO ether. Most of usĀ  one of the most important parts of building a link profile – internal linking. Did you forget about internal A properly built website architecture is one of the basic building blocks of SEO and a prerequisite for website ranking in search engines. Not only does it help the search engine to navigate the web and index all the required pages, but it also helps the visitor, of course.

Visualization of web architecture and internal linking

What every linkbuilder should be interested in – it helps to deliver link juice from external Australia WhatsApp Number Data links to the places it was intended for. It would be a shame to see your hard-earned link juice go to waste, especially when internal links are right at your fingertips. Did you forget about internal Tim Soul from Ahrefs also tried to point out the importance of internal linking in his study . He investigated whether there is any correlation between pages that have an internal link from the homepage or “best by backlinks” pages of their website and ranking higher in organic search.

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Analysis of internal links of individual URLs

As you can see in the graph, there is indeed a visible dependency here, and the top ranking pages tend to have more internal links than those Belgium Phone Number List placed below them. While the study can’t serve as bulletproof proof, it’s definitely an interesting correlation. Did you forget about internal Analyzing the web architecture and linking within the given architecture is a necessity for detecting errors that could have a negative impact on organic traffic but also on the behavior of web visitors. With a properly designed website architecture, you will achieve that the pages that deserve the most link juice and should be the most authoritative in terms of the hierarchy, really get link juice. Thanks to it, you will ensure an easy passage through the website, which can lead, for example, to increased conversions.


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