“Insecurity in Camino al Cuadrado: the worrying case of a woman who was the victim

Insecurity in the Sierras Chicas area of ​​Córdoba has alarming levels, with multiple robberies occurring in residents’ homes. María Antonia, one of the victims, recounts her Insecurity in Camino anguish after suffering four robberies in just three months. Antonia and her family to the area in October last year, but since then they have been constantly by criminals. “In our house we don’t have cameras and we don’t have an alarm,” explains Antonia, because they have not yet building their home with the Procrear housing plan. This situation has left the family vulnerable and  to theft. In the first robbery, the thieves took a large amount of valuables, including tools essential for land and construction maintenance. After this incident, the family to live with the bare minimum. But this did not stop the criminals from attacking again. In the second robbery, the thieves took the family’s grocery order  including alcoholic beverages.

Sierras Chicas is a problem

In addition, they left the house in complete disarray. In the third robbery minor belongings and some boxes of dessert premix were taken. Faced with this situation, the family d to seek the services of security companies to install alarms and surveillance cameras in their UK Phone Number List home. However, they still have to carry out the definitive light installation. They are evaluating the possibility of always having an adult in the house to guarantee their safety. The lack of response from the authorities and the impunity with which criminals act is worrying. Despite having made the corresponding complaints. The family has not been able to recover any of their stolen objects and no arrests have been reported for these events. Insecurity in Sierras Chicas is a problem that affects many residents of the area. It is necessary that the authorities take urgent measures to guarantee the safety of the inhabitants and arrest those responsible for these thefts.

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This will happen after the previous Government  to apply changes and that Argentines who receive less than 15 minimum wages, or around $2.3 million, were exempt from payment since last October. — Follow us on Bloomberg  social Brazil Phone Number List networks: Twitter , Facebook and Instagram .There is no doubt that the national State is  to balance its fiscal accounts, and to do so it must rely on two fundamental pillars: Reduce public spending and tax collection.  Indicates the project  comments.  The project that is sent aims to restore the balance within the scheme of the Income Tax Law, a text in  and its modifications with a chapter referring to the ‘Personal Income Tax’ which covers those subjects who demonstrate sufficient contributory capacity to be by the tax, always respecting the progressivity that is the guiding principle of the rule.

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