Create a page with only one SEO purpose

Websites with many quality pages indexed will rank higher. Pages with thin content, duplicate content, or repetitive content do not add value to the site, they actually harm the overall site’s SEO performance. If you are aiming to get as many pages indexed in Google, you may have to stop and modify your SEO strategy . In some websites, categories, archives, tags and pages without unique content should be set to “noindex”. This will most likely reduce the number of indexed pages but it is a more optimal approach and will help your site in the long run. Instead of trying to duplicate your pages, focus on creating pages with valuable content for a better chance of ranking.

Use press releases for link building

I didn’t mention the press release above, because I wanted to give it more attention
WhatsApp Number with number 13. Some people still believe that adding links to press releases and distributing them through different channels helps SEO. This is a bad tactic that should be avoided. Google with the latest version of Panda wanted to convey the message that press releases do not help SEO and they did it in the clearest way. Should you stop using press releases? Absolutely not, there are still benefits to using press releases as an advertising channel but you need to make sure that any links in the press release are “nofollow”.

Only target high traffic keywords

The first thing many SEO experts do when trying to optimize a website is keyword research. The wider the better. The mistake they are making is that they only consider keywords with high search volume because they believe that this way they will get more traffic. High traffic keywords are highly competitive and if you start now (or have a relatively new site) you will never get to rank for  CASENO Email List those keywords, at least not yet.  during this short period of time. I may be exaggerating to give you an idea of ​​how difficult it is to get high traffic keywords with a ‘normal’ website.

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