Not following a consistent publishing

Decide in advance how many times you plan to publish new content (consistent publishing) and stick to that plan What I usually do to make sure I don’t miss out on my plans is to prepare a few blog posts in advance so that I have a week to 10 days to get some time in and create new content. Consistency has an SEO value and it brings in more traffic.

The content is not high quality

The latest trend in SEO is about authority and trust. Your goal is to build trust between your website
WhatsApp Number and users and authority between your website and search engines. One of the ways (it’s not the only way) to build authority is to consistently publish high-quality content. It’s a huge SEO mistake that is focusing on other things and forgetting the importance of content. Instead of trying to get more articles published.

Not practicing good internal linking

Linking your pages together is necessary for 3 reasons: Help search  CASENO Email List engines discover more pages from your site Linking to an internal page is a signal to search engines that this page is important to your website Help users learn more about a topic they are interested in. Most website owners don’t want to create internal links because they think it’s a waste of time or because they don’t know how good internal links are for SEO.

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