“NBA: Commissioner Silver and the league close to agreeing to a contract extension to boost the future of basketball”

Silver, commissioner of the NBA, is about to celebrate his tenth anniversary in office and it seems that it will not be the last. According to a source close to the agreement, Silver is in the process of defining a contract extension that will allow him to continue serving as commissioner for several more years. The agreement, which will remain in effect “until the end of the decade. Tourist destinations in the country generally opt for “ gas tourism .” “ Consumption is . People take great care of themselves. “It is something that is oin different areas, including gastronomy. Summary area Jesús Osorno , president of the Hotel and Gastronomic Business Association (AEGH) of Mar del Plata. But lower demand is also in mass consumption.de to create 

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He has overseen the ratification of two collective bargaining agreements between the league and the players, ensuring labor peace for at least a few more Russia Phone Number List years. Additionally, he has led negotiations that resulted in a nine-year, $24 billion television rights deal with ESPN and Turner Sports, which has significantly increased the league’s revenue. Not only that, Silver has been a catalyst for increasing player salaries and the league’s next media contract is expected to be even more lucrative. There has even been talk of a possible expansion of the NBA once said agreement is signed. Under his leadership, NBA franchises have experienced growth in their valuation. The average price of a league team has gone from $510 million to nearly $4 billion since Silver took over.

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In addition, salaries have also increased considerably, going from Kobe Bryant’s $30 million to Stephen Curry’s almost $52 million for this season. Silver has Africa Phone Number expressed his satisfaction with the growth of the NBA and has highlighted the potential for international expansion of the league. In an essay for the AP, marking the NBA’s 75th anniversary in 2022, Silver wrote: “The NBA’s reach is expanding in many ways that we are just beginning to scratch the surface in terms of our international growth.” . In summary, Adam Silver is about to celebrate his tenth anniversary as commissioner of the NBA and is in the process of defining a contract extension that will allow him to continue leading the league for several more years. Under his management, the NBA has experienced great success, both financially and in the growth of the league internationally.

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