Choose the keywords you want to rank for

To be able to SEO optimize any page, you first need to know what keywords you want that page to rank for. When it comes to landing page SEO. This task becomes a bit more complicated. Because SEO keywords need to be given attention to those already identified on the main page. This may sound confusing, let me explain further with an example. You really want to rank for the keyword “How to lose weight” for your landing page, but realize it’s too difficult for a product landing page. You can think of broader terms and you are almost the trend leader like .

Optimize OnPage SEO for landing pages

Once you have a clear idea of ​​what keywords you want the page to rank for, the next step is to add those keywords Phone Number Data  to your page. This process is called On-page SEO and the steps to take are.  Add the main keyword in the URL Go back and review your page URL . Make sure you include your main target keyword.  This is not necessarily what is displayed on the page (that is the H1 tag). But what is displayed in browser and search engine results pages. In the title tag, you need to include your main keyword or variations of that keyword.

Optimize content for SEO

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Another factor to optimize is the actual content of the page. Reading up to this point, we have optimized the title,  CASENO Email List  description, and title, but you also need to optimize the rest of the content. Make sure you have text content on the page. To start, your landing page needs to have text content on it, not just images or videos. This is very important. Search engines can understand text content more easily than images or videos. Depending on the design of the page, you can use reasonable ways to add the text content you need for SEO purposes, without breaking your design.

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