Behind the scenes information Interview with German team patron Milan

Copywriter in an agency looks like? Behind the scenes. You like to take a peek under the hood? Look forward to the five-part series, in which I will gradually interview my colleagues. We start with an interview with Milan  – the patron of the German team. “I have great ambitions. My vision is a brick-and-mortar branch in Germany.”


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Away from his skills and experience. With her excellent German, excellent  communication skills and the art of seeing things in wider contexts, she is currently leading India WhatsApp Number Data the German team at  , and very successfully. Milan regularly speaks at conferences .  Ecommerce Summit, Behind the scenes Expo, where he imparts his knowledge of the German market to the audience.


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I cover the German team, I try to be a support for others and share know-how with them. Who do you work closely with from  or who is a member Italy Phone Number List of the German team? There are four of us in the team and each one is in charge of one sphere. Thea creates content and proofreads. Behind the scenes  Martina note Martina  is in charge of the technical side of SEO and Jana  deals with link building and . How does communication with clients take place? Do you travel abroad a lot with the team? We all have active German and English. The prerequisite for this job is to know both languages ​​at least at the B2 level. The majority of orders are made by clients from the Czech Republic who are aiming for the German market.

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