AIDA a model of how to be successful and visited on the Internet

Did you know that the average visitor is willing to spend 4 seconds on a page. They have never visited before? So how do you ensure that it stays on the website and achieves the goals. You have set for yourself. One of the possible instructions on how to be successful, efficient and visited. On the Internet is a relatively old theoretical approach an acronym called AIDA. As early as 1898, the American marketing and business pioneer E. St. Elmo Lewis with the so-called instructions. On how to attract and especially attract customers and consumers. He created the original that is the original AIDA model. Which he applied to the American insurance market of the 19th century. Even after more than 100 years.  Universities and other institutions and agencies dealing with strategic marketing and marketing analysis.

The task of a specific marketer is to development

This traditional magic marketing formula is Cambodia Phone Number Data composed of 4 cognitive phases. That every businessperson or marketer must follow and respect. If they want their ideas or new products to be accepted and of course, desired by potential customers and consumers. The AIDA model can also be applied to the area known as Internet advertising. Where individual parts of this model can be applied in the following way. And content that will attract and get every visitor. Surveys show that the average visitor is willing to spend 4 seconds on a page they have never visited before .  All possible means to ensure that a specific visitor stays on the site and advances to the next stage. I – Interest – turning attention into interest is a very difficult matter.

This model continues to be massively used

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What can be done to ensure that the visitor stays Canada Phone Number List on the website as long as possible? The answer is as follows page design, clear navigation options, clearly defined content. Interesting options on the main page that “force” the visitor to go through as many sub-pages and content as possible. The task of this phase is to try to navigate visitors towards the products. And services that a particular website offers with as few clicks as possible. D – Desire – the goal of this step is to convince site visitors that the given goods or services are interested and transform them from the position of “visitor” to “customer”. However, you need to know when and especially where to place a link to a given product or service with the option to buy or to refer to various promotions and price-interesting offers on the website.

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