Advertising drives more traffic

There are some common objections that often come up in discussions about content marketing. and you must address them to gain support for your projectPaid and customers faster Taking too long to see results ROI is hard to measure . Paid advertising can attract more traffic and customers faster Paid advertising is really a quick if expensive way to generate trafficonce you pay to put your ads in front of people’s eyes and provide the right targeting. the traffic will start flowing. However. in most cases. paid ads send people to pages at the bottom of the marketing funnel that are design for immiate conversion.

Content marketing helps us attract.

Such as landing pages or product pages. generate sales. but only from people who are ready to buy—and you’re missing out on everyone else. For example. if someone searches for how to drive website traffic. they are most likely in learning mode as Phone Number List oppos to buying mode. for this keyword and send searchers to a dicat landing page. we might be wasting money on people who are unlikely to convert because theyre not ready to buy. In contrast. engage. and convert customers across the entire funnel.refs Competitor Analysis Guide to a smarter discussion would be about how to combine the two to maximize short- and long-term results. . Taking too long to see results If you define results solely as sales or leads.

ROI is hard to measure The exact

Then yescontent marketing takes longer to see results than more direct channels like paid advertising see objection . But just because something takes longer than others doesn’t mean it’s pointless. For example. driving up a mountain is faster than building a tunnel. But once you build the tunnel. you can drive through it in a fraction of the time every time. Content marketing is similarit takes time to build. but eventually becomes a Caseno Email List consistent source of sales and leads. Once you have an establish user base. content marketing can drive results faster than if you were starting from scratch. . ROI of content marketing is really hard to measure you have to build a very complex attribution model to track the impact and impact of content across the entire funnel. while also isolating each variable.

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