8 tips to outsmart the FB algorithm

At the beginning of the year. brands on Facebook were startled by the announcement from Menlo Park . That the largest social network in the world would  8 tips to outsmart  adapt its News Feed to a new algorithm. And although since then this announcement . Has been overshadowed by a number of other topics related to Facebook. it is worth taking a look back at what the new algorithm actually brought us . Facebook has not had an easy time.


Of course, Facebook had a lot of problems

In previous years, but in the light of the latest revelations , they all start to make new sense. and it does not cast a positive light on the social network Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data at all. The scandal with Cambridge Analytica, the subsequent questioning of Mark Zuckerberg in the US Congress, 8 tips to outsmart  accusations of the media and tech journalists of insufficient preparation for GDPR . Of trying to extract as much information from users as possible. All this covered the fact that at the beginning of the year he mentioned .The most in connection with Facebook – a new algorithm that was supposed to focus. More on interpersonal relationships and take ammunition . Away from brands and their FB pages . Some time has passed since the new algorithm was rolled out.

What have we learned in the meantime

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Brands, and media,” certainly increased .The pressure on many a marketer.  He imagined the future of his brand with horror .  The 8 tips to outsmart entire business plan built on FB communication Latvia Phone Number List goes to the bottom like the Titanic. But! If read carefully, Zuckerberg’s status also contains some hints on how to deal with this situation. Let’s go back to Zuckerberg’s status and notice the sentence “The first changes you’ll see will be in News Feed, where you can expect to see more from your friends, family and groups.” Which word from this sentence is important? That’s right, the last one! Groups . Create a Facebook group to serve as a community base.  Then share your content to these groups as well. Groups are great because they create a sort of micro-space where people interact, discuss and contribute to a chosen topic.

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