10 foreign blogs that every copywriter should know

Copywriter = eternal student. Do you agree? However, only those who regularly follow trends 10 foreign blogs and expand their horizons beyond the borders of our country will remain at the top of the field. Behind them, there are several inspiring blogs that will take your copy skills to a higher level. Copy blogger Who doesn’t know Copy blogger , how could he not be.

Check out a blog filled

With valuable articles that cover all things content marketing. Content may be king, but the blog’s founder, Brian Clark, has a philosophy that France WhatsApp Number Data you can’t make a big play out of it. The weekly articles cover content marketing as a whole , giving you the information and inspiration you need to finally get your scepter in the world of content and truly 10 foreign blogs reign supreme. Read: 5 conversion killers in copywriting. How to avoid them? What tone of communication has proven itself the most in the 21st century? 7 copywriting lessons that a great conversation will teach you Copy Hackers How to write an email subject that achieves the highest open rate? How to write good web copy? How to become a meta description master? It doesn’t matter if you don’t give answers off the cuff. You just need to know where to look for them. And that’s exactly what Copy hackers will help you with .

A blog packed with information

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studies and experiments that will make you think or even change your current view on copywriting. The articles are long, but definitely not Hong Kong Phone Number List filled with cotton wool. Warning 10 foreign blogsĀ  reading articles from this blog is like eating chips – once you taste it, you can’t stop. Read: 16 Painful Lessons Writing 10,211 Headlines in 100 Days Taught Me Persuasive copy: 4 techniques you can take away from psychology 5 strategies that will change your copy Men with Pens Paradoxically, look not for a man but for a woman behind another great blog – Men with pens . A woman who believes in the power of words and will teach you how to use them not only to your advantage. James deals with writing and content as such, she tells you what to do when you run out of ideas and words.

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