WhatsApp overzetten on a new iPhone: you can do it in 4 steps

WhatsApp overzetten on a new iPhone

Dungeon for grandchildren report: our WhatsApp overzetten is also available on a new iPhone. Here it works.

WhatsApp Number

WhatsApp transfer from iPhone to iPhone

Apple makes the heel of the device available on a new iPhone over the stappen, so the data from WhatsApp will also be saved. It’s a good idea for you to have an iCloud back-up from your WhatsApp device and make it available to you from another iPhone over time.

Let’s say: Did you go over an Android phone to an iPhone? Then WhatsApp Number overzetten doesn’t even work differently, check out the other articles that we’re working on.

Make a WhatsApp backup

The first thing you should do is make a backup of all WhatsApp conversations. This is from you on your iPhone. A back-up maken is easy to order, it works as follows.

WhatsApp from outside to a new iPhone overzetten:

  • Open WhatsApp (op je orude iPhone);
  • Tik op Instellingen in the right onderhoek van het scherm;
  • Tik op ‘Chats’ and kies ‘Reserve copy chats’;
  • Gravel ‘Maak nu reserve copy’

When you open the door you can also set up the WhatsApp wekelijks of dagelijks automatically and a back-up of the chats can be made. We also have a device for the overzetten van gegevens as well as a new back-up to make: so weet jeker dat also meest recente gesprekken succesvol overgezet van je ene naar de other iPhone.

Install WhatsApp on your new iPhone

If you have a new iPhone, you can install and open WhatsApp. This means that the stappen on the screen will be backed up using iCloud. Je kunt daarna weer verder gaan met appen waar je bleven. As soon as it was overloaded, WhatsApp was never used on the iPhone or the iPhone was used again.

Ben je van plan om naast WhatsApp ö other gegevens van de ene naar de other iPhone over te zetten? Check then beforehand on the iPhone overzetten gids, what we always stap voor stap laten zien hoe je quickly and quickly as ever passed and contacts overzet.

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