Do You Want To Define Your Buyer Personal

In the world of marketing, every company is focused on the customer

it is no longer viable to advertise your product or service without a strategy.

o it is vitally important to know your buyer persona to know how to create an excellent strategy and above all a relationship.

between client – company, in this way you  will increase your sales and you will better help your clients.


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What is the buyer personal

We must understand that the buyer persona is not the same as the target audience, the latter is a segment of the general public to whom you intend to sell, the buyer persona represents a segment of your niche, from whom you require personal information . See here an example:

Now do you notice the difference? The database buyer person information is much more specific and by using it to our advantage, we can learn about their problems and think about how our company can solve them.
Packaging – packaging is no longer  solely for protection. It is now an important factor driving brand perception . As well as supporting your branding, well-thought-out packaging will also enhance your customer experience.
Product images – your product photos will help set the tone for your brand. If you’ve ever purchased a product online, you know that product photos are a big factor in a buying decision. Your photo should highlight the best features of the product. To learn more about how to optimize your product images and to ensure that you follow the rules, see our product image guide .

Defining it is essential to sell



Defining our buyer persona helps Caseno Email List us to focus our services.

improve them and adapt them to their needs. The main objective is for them to feel with our company

therefore, the more needs we know, the more solutions and services we can provide.

Logo – your logo will represent your business. If you know what best fits your business, it will help people remember it. Plus, a well-constructed logo will validate the professionalism of your business. Therefore, when you are designing a logo, make sure it aligns with the business you are in.
Fonts – this may surprise you, but fonts are actually an integral part of branding. Your choice of font will have a big impact on the impression and “feel” of your business. Just look at the image below to see what we mean.


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