Tips to prevent traffic from dropping to your web content

It is normal and it is a difficulty that any website or blog will face, but what can you do to prevent traffic to your web content from dropping? Posting content  Tips to prevent traffic  attracts views; However, it has a life cycle and there will come a time when its performance stagnates and begins to decline. Here we show you how to prevent this from happening. Table of Contents Web content life cycle How do you know that your content has lost traffic? How to prevent traffic from dropping to your web content? Update old content Add media content Remove outdated content Expand the content Reoptimize the content Unify publications Repromote content Why is it important to drive traffic back to your content? Why do some sites lose relevance? Web content life cycle Each of the pieces of content that you publish on a website goes through a life cycle, they all go through each of these phases: Planning. It is the stage in which you choose the topic you are going to cover in the new content.

Update old content

It includes choosing keywords to fit the search intent, defining the type of publication to be made, and outlining. New content. At this point you Bahamas WhatsApp Number List publish your content, optimize it and start promoting it. By sharing it on social networks and other channels, it begins to generate peaks in visits; However, you still have to wait for it to be positioned, as this can take several months. Growth phase. As time passes, content gains popularity, generating more organic visits and inbound links. There is no set period for this to happen, since it depends on different factors, but be prepared to wait about a year for it to happen.

How to prevent traffic Tips to prevent traffic 

Although it is true that it can happen sooner. Top. It means that the content maintains constant and stable traffic. However, although it continues to attract Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List visits, they begin to reduce, as do incoming links. Decay. This last stage is when a post’s traffic begins to gradually decrease. What happens is that content ages and becomes less competitive and relevant. Content decay can occur for different reasons and is sure to affect SEO positioning . Post: Google releases some AMP technical updates How do you know that your content has lost traffic? Even your best piece of content is going to lose traffic after reaching its maturity stage. Therefore, it is important to monitor the publications to detect that moment and thus take the necessary actions to prevent it from declining.

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