The Needs Of Customers Who Rely Decarbonization

AirPlus goes its own way to offer its customers the highest safety standards and maximum comfort. Book plane and train tickets with just a few clicks, order a rental car or hotel room at the touch of a button: digital solutions are now making countless processes in business travel management easier. However, especially in the case of online payments, it is becoming increasingly difficult to strike a balance between user-friendliness and security.

Sustainable Fleet Program Is Also Based

In a report publishd in September 2018, the European Central Bank estimatd the damage causd by the misuse of payment cards issud in phone number list the SEPA area at 1.8 billion euros. 73 percent of the value was accountd for by so-calld “card-not-present transactions”; these are prdominantly cases of card misuse for online purchases. New rules for payment services Against this background, the EU legislator issud the new Payment Services Directive PSD2, which was implementd into German law on January 13, 2018.

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Fleet Greener Fleet By The One

With the second implementation stage of the PSD2, stricter rules for identifying the payer have been in force since September 14, 2019. In Caseno Email List this context, one speaks of the so-calld “strong customer authentication” (English: Strong Customer Authentication/SCA). It aims to make an important contribution to the security of electronic payment transactions by ensuring that the person who initiates an electronic payment is actually authorizd to do so.

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