Not being active on social networks

It would be a big mistake if you are not active in at least one social media platform. Most SEO experts agree that social signals are increasingly becoming a ranking factor and that in addition to the hidden benefits for SEO, social networks are also a source of traffic. good access. You are not active in all social networks or spend a lot of time active on them without purpose. You need to find which platform best suits your audience and try to build your strength on it and gain more trust by following talented people in your field and sharing content informative and helpful.

Not actively promoting the article

Don’t expect that because you wrote what you think is a good article, people will start sharing it
WhatsApp Number on Facebook or tweeting about it. This won’t happen from the start until you’ve built up a good audience (including hundreds of email subscribers, thousands of Facebook followers, and dozens of twitter followers). Promoting your work from the beginning is not a mistake and it is not something you should be afraid of. I know it will take a lot of work, effort on your part, good content, and perseverance to get others to share what you do, but once you reach this point, everything else will become easier.

Do not use Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools

Your site not registered with Google Search Console and Bing webmaster tools is like drivingĀ  CASENO Email Link with your eyes closed. Both Google and Bing created webmaster tools as a way to help website owners learn more about their web properties. There is absolutely no reason why you should not register your website with them. There are many benefits from doing this and the process is quite simple and even a beginner can do it. Instead of predicting that what you’re doing might be wrong and you’re not getting much traffic from search engines, sign up for those admin tools and get feedback and notifications about your website’s status.

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