How to create a brand community?

Learn how to create a brand community and what its benefits are. You can understand it as a space for communication between the brand and consumers, and between the customers themselves. But this concept goes further and seeks to generate a real connection and sense of belonging. Table of Contents What is a brand community? Importance of brand communities How to create a brand community? Analyze the brand situation Know your buyer persona Define the objectives Create a content strategy Turn the community into a user experience What is a brand community? The term brand community refers to people who have a common interest in a brand. They have a similar perception about it and what it represents. In addition, they identify with the brand’s values .

Turn the community into a user experience

Community members participate in them to share their experiences with the brand’s products or services; They also hope to get new ideas, stay up to date with new developments and actively Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List participate in brand activities. On the other hand, brands recognize the importance of communities and have made it part of their strategy. Through brand communities they seek to know customers better, get closer to them, interact and generate engagement . Technology, especially social networks, has favored the creation of these groups. However, it must be clear that they are not the only way to create online brand communities . They can be done through forums, websites, video blogs, online suggestion boxes . In addition, we must keep in mind that communities are not only digital, they also work offline .

Create a content strategy

Members of the brands become promoters or ambassadors and promote the conversation around the brand. Post: Better content for your blog Some examples of brand community are: PlayStation: has a Australia Telegram Number List  forum where they share tips and reward the most active members. Starbucks: Provides the opportunity for customers to suggest ideas directly to the company. Lego ideas: users can share their designs, vote and comment on other proposals. If they get significant feedback, the designs can become a Lego product. Importance of brand communities People who join communities have a real interest in the brand, they identify with it. And by becoming a member they seek to feel part of the brand, get added value and be part of the conversation.

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